In the last year, the biofuels industry has seen tremendous growth in production, project finance and government support throughout the world. From our recent meetings in Asia, Africa, Europe, USA, Australia and South America we have heard directly from the producers, technology firms, government leaders and financiers who are committed to building the industry into an international energy leader.

The current economic turmoil has curtailed investments in the bioenergy sector in the past years. However, it is clear that governments, industry, organisations and private equity groups around the world are determined to stay the course towards a renewable energy future and begin moving away from fossil fuels. We must continue to innovate and strive for clean technologies that address climate change while promoting sustainable land use and energy production.

Learn, network and generate sales at ground-breaking biofuels conferences which focus on the development of renewable fuels around the world.

Are you interested in starting a biofuels or ethanol project? Then our series of Conferences will connect you and your company with plant builders, consultants, government officials across US, Europe or Australia. Meet and network with chemical engineers, producers, marketers and manufacturers.

The topics for our conferences are related to feedstocks, markets, marketing of ethanol and biofuels online and offline, co-products such as DDGs and CO2.

By participating at our conferences, you will gain an immediate advantage for your future businesses or project.